Painting is based on The Whos famous album, Quadrophenia. It was painted by commission on a stretched canvas, using oil paints. I always try to individualize each painting, rather than doing a exact copy of the subject. Here I added the Union Jack, in a rough style to help identify with the era and the subject. There`s also some hidden(ish) things within the painting. Such as, the London landscape within the red on the Union Jack. You can see this particularly well just under the planes on the left hand side of the painting.  While painting this, I started getting a feeling of the Britain and the Great. So I wanted to add a little something to commemorate all the fallen and wounded soldiers that have given their all for the country. So I added the poppy on the license plate. and if you look closely, there`s a single empty bullet, with smoke coming out of it. Just as a little indicator to those lost souls. 

50 " X 70 " 
Oils on stretched canvas

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